You have reached the domain,

formerly the landing page of:

(Endpoint Technologies Associates, Inc. — can you spot where the domain name came from?)

... and now my personal site.

You see, I am the Lord of this domain, as far as it extends, which is to the edges of the page.

Here, you won't find much, just a way to get in touch with me, links to my Medium, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages, some nice things to look at, and a short bio.

Roger L. Kay


*I get to have a single-letter prefix because it's my domain. :)

Bio: I learned to turn a phrase running a weekly newspaper in the 1980s. Before that, I flogged data communications equipment overseas after having snagged an MBA from the University of Chicago. Later on, I somehow managed to turn all that into the wherewithal to become IDC’s top PC analyst. In 2005, I opened my own technology analyst shop, the aforementioned Endpoint, which has now been shipped to archival storage.