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From Security to Convenience
Fingerprint Reader Market Focus Shifts From Enterprise to Consumer
On the Cusp of Visual Computing
As Video Becomes Ubiquitous, The Web Will Need New Infrastructure
The Repositioning of Acer
A Sleeping Giant Awakens
The Drawbacks of Federated Identity
A Potential Nightmare in the Guise of Convenience
A Meditation on Value
Shed Full of Wood and AMD's Houdini Maneuver
A Dollop of Holiday Cheer
Buyers are Likely to Shift Toward the Low End
CES Wrap
Show Lumbers on Despite Economic Woes
Saving Your Data
Rich Range of Choices Confronts Small Firms & Consumers
Peas in a Pod or Night and Day?
HP and IBM are not Nearly as Similar as You Think
Mucho Help Wanted
A Classified Ad for Steve Jobs’ Replacement
Fujitsu Integration Heralds a Step Up in Enterprise Competition
Economic Circumstances Merely Accelerate Trend Already Underway
Windows 7 Release Candidate is Hitting the Milestones
Client OS Development Matures at Microsoft
Mix and Match
New Hardware and Software Platforms are Arriving Every Day
Building Blox Redux
In Which the Author Revisits a Decade-Old Business Model
Assessment Framework to See Whether it Still Makes Sense
GPU Computing Will Change Your Life
nVidia and Partners Point the Way at Industry Confab  Assessment
CES 2010 Wrap
Where Vendors Gather, Worlds Collide
Why Do Anti-Dumping Measures Not Apply to Software?
Flexible Costing Lets Coders Charge What They Please
Tech, 10 Years Out
The Future: Unknowable Mystery or Mere Evolution?
Evolution Toward the Third Dimension
You’ll Want to Make Sure Your Next PC Can Handle 3D
Two Interesting Technology Developments
Some Things are Useful Right Out of the Box
Irony in the Tracker Reporting Biz
How Do I Track Thee?  Let Me Count the Ways
Watson Aims to Outfox Humans at Their Own Game
IBM Researchers Conjure Right Question from Wild, Wooly Data
Buyer Behavior Finally Affects Mainstream Retail
Internet Displaces Former Consumption and Purchase Models
Floor Walk
A Non-Scientific But Horizontal Assessment of Holiday Buying
What’s up with Yahoo!?
By Neglecting its Editing Responsibilities, the Company has
Fostered a Cauldron of Hate and Anarchy